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Shipping Policy

The shipping policy is intended to shipments in Israel, In order to ship outside of Israel please contact us for pricing the shipment.

The regular shipping cost is included in the product price. When there are several products in the same order, the delivery shall be considered a single shipment, and will be paid one shipping price.

Shipping costs:
Regular: included in the product price.
Premium (Cheetah door to door deliveries): 50 ₪.
Areas which are defined as unique * by "Cheetah" may be priced different.

Delivery times:
- We are placing the order on a mission on the day of booking or no later than the next business day.
- No time listed next to each such undertaking product evaluation only.
- In case of product shortage and inability to immediately send the product we will contact the customer and get his approval for the delay.

Average delivery times:
-Regular: 3~7 business days.
-PremuimTel Aviv area and nearby: 1~3 business days.
Other areas in Israel that defined as exceptional by the shipping company "cheetah" to 5 days.
Areas are defined as unique by the shipping company "cheetah", making supply can be extended to 10 working days.
Communities south of Beer Sheva to Eilat, making supply can be extended to 10 working days.
In case the shipping weight exceeds 35kg the package will be split into two packages, in case we can not split the package we will notify the customer.
* Example exceptional areas: communities across the West bank, Marom Galil Regional Council, near the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, West Bank, Valley, Spring Valley Regional Council, Greater Jerusalem, Communities south of Beersheba to Eilat.