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  • isoBOX


  • Brand: Montarbo
  • Product Code: isoBOX
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After years of absence from the market, Montarbo® is returning with a new line of products for guitar players, starting with a really useful and brilliant product: the new isoBOX.

The isoBOX system stems from the need to keep guitar amplifiers off of the stage, in-line with the recent trend to keep stages more “Mute”, thus giving an effective solution for the guitarist who doesn't want to give up the sound of his guitar and amp.

Montarbo®’s isoBOX has a very durable and stylish cabinet built around the famous Celestion® Vintage 30 16 O and carefully isolating outside noise and can be used without any problems on the stage, in the studio, rehearsals or in your “personal home studio.”

Inside there is a robust aluminum support designed to connect two microphones, if you already have your own, (or if you choose the complete package with the professional line of microphones offered by FiveO by Montarbo®) combining a dynamic and condenser mic to get a sound as close as possible to that of your amp.

This system has been tested for a full year on the best Live stages, receiving compliments from professionals who were eager to have their own personal isoBOX.

If you are a guitar player and you've never tried it, this is the right time to do so, because you will find few systems on the market at the same level, but if you've already tried it, then you are probably on the list of rockers who are waiting to have one.

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