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TANK12SA LoudSpeaker

  • Brand: Montarbo
  • Product Code: TANK12SA
  • Availability: In Stock

Active Subwoofer.
TANK12SA bass-cabinet is characterized by its unusually compact shape and low weight. It is capable of gearing with neutrality and accuracy the full power of the internal amplifier, reproducing a clear and undistorted sound even at very high pressure levels. Its great quality and reliability make it a versatile device, suitable for many environments and uses: from stage to clubs, from the rock band to the dj-set and the drum-fill.

- The class-D power amplifier (500 W EIAJ), with switch-mode power supply, is driven by a stereo crossover incorporating a state-of-the-art limiter circuit, and the resulting sound quality outclasses what is usually available from many larger and more powerful subwoofers.
- The reflex port's conical profile, result of advanced fluid dynamics research, minimizes any turbulence effect, thus increasing the acoustical energy in the frequency range of the cabinet's tuning.
- Stereo electronic crossover with selectable crossover.
- 127 dB max SPL.
- The 12" woofer, built expressly for this model, has features that make it the best choice available for this category: a humidity-resistant doped paper cone, an hyper-ventilated neodymium magnet assembly and a 3" voice coil, whose long excursion is controlled by an original mechanical system, result of months-long research.
- Compact and sturdy cabinet made from 15 mm high grade birch multiply finished with a special highly resistant antiscratch paint.
- It is equipped with steel protection grid, transport handles and stand adapter for satellite supporting pole SM5 (optional).
- Small size: 51,2 x 36 x 43,5 cm

- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
- Concert halls
- Theatrical sound reinforcement
- Small to medium clubs
- DJ-set
- Drum-fill
- Audio-video applications

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