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FIRE15LP Passive LoudSpeaker Montarbo

  • Brand: Montarbo
  • Product Code: FIRE15LP
  • Availability: In Stock

Usually in a complete set of speakers, with the 10 and 12 inches versions, can not miss even the 15" version, but Montarbo decides not to be satisfied simply producing the largest version of the series, but also the most efficient and powerful.

On this decision was born the FIRE15LP project, a speaker that will make you smile once installed in your club, disco or for your live events even outdoors.

We talk about 1100 watts of output power thanks to the new Montarbo’s amplifiers, a 15" Neodymium woofer with a 3" voice coil, perfectly associated to the powerful 2.5" driver with 1.4" throat; but it's no surprise, now who knows Montarbo knows also that quality and reliability are a fundamental issue of each acoustic project.

Another interesting feature of FIRE15A regards the weight, only 25 kg for a 15-inch box that will allow you to transport or install it by yourself without having to ask for help from your colleagues, a significant problem for those who know the craft.

This is to point out that Montarbo studies and creates his projects around its use, trying to offer you the best product with the utmost simplicity, all based exclusively on Made in Italy technology, components and materials.

Now you have no more excuses, the FIRE series offer you everything you need with a price that will makes one shiver the competitors, but watch out at your ears! These are very powerful speakers that you can distinguish from the ground circuit, and you know, it is better you don’t play Fire!

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