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E616M LoudSpeaker

  • Brand: Montarbo
  • Product Code: E616M
  • Availability: In Stock

Two-way active full-range with DSP.

650 W.

Passive 2-way stage monitor, 8 Ω. 2 x 6” woofer, 2.5” driver, 80° x 60° dispersion.

Recommended amplifier: 750 W.

Optional: FC-2E6 two-monitor FlightCase.

Stage monitor, the perfect answer to the requirements of extreme quality and reproduction fidelity for use in theatres as front-fill and side-fill. Its outstanding reserve of energy, thanks to the generous size of the driver's voice coils, extends its applications to the area of modern live music, when the artist requires a low-profile stage monitor.

The beautiful voice reproduction that can be achieved only with 6" woofers has been combined with the most high-performance driver featuring a 1" throat. This particular combination has never been offered in a stage monitor and has usually been applied only to line-array speakers. Once again Montarbo has succeeded in providing artists from all over the world with a top-class product, something that was not available on the market and was truly unimaginable. The unusual placement of the woofers in relation to the driver, loaded by a special tractrix horn, and the very accurate x-over, result in the control of directivity and the great intelligibility usually associated with very large horn systems.

The sweet sound of a short, wide-dispersion horn, coupled with the warmth and speed of a small size, high power and tightly controlled woofer, transform this monitor into a veritable jewel casket right at the artist's feet. It offers absolute fidelity in the reproduction of what can only be considered a pleasurable artistic experience: another no-compromise musical instrument in the history of Montarbo. In order to satisfy the requirements of any sort of application Montarbo has opted to drive the units with the PLM series powered processors, configured with dedicated presets.

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