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BX151A Subwoofer

  • Brand: Montarbo
  • Product Code: BX151A
  • Availability: In Stock


Bass-reflex enclosure

Frequency response 36 Hz to 100 Hz (-3dB)

Sensitivity (1W, 1m) 100 dB (half space)

Max SPL 127 dB

Components (custom) 15 "neodymium magnet woofer (3" voice coil)

Electronic stereo crossover, 100Hz, 24dB / oct Linkwitz-Riley

Construction Phenyl-glued multiply birch Heavy duty anti scratch paint Steel protection grille 2 side handles

Amplifier MosFet, class AB Dynamic EQ controller (DECo) The output stages is cooled by a forced air heat exchanger, equipped with a temperature-controlled, low-noise, fan That Ensures safe and cool operation under any operating conditions.

Max. Output power 500 Watts

Connections X-over stereo input balanced Neutrik Combo® Link output (parallel) balanced XLRs X-over stereo output unbalanced XLRs Mains inlet Neutrik PowerCon

Dimensions (WxHxD) 50 x 58 x 47 cm

Weight 38 Kg

Active Subwoofer.
BX151A is a very compact and incredibly performing self-powered subwoofer suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, concert halls, theatres, clubs, medium sized venues. Combines with any loudspeaker system, no matter what brand, model or kind.
- BX151A is equipped with a MosFet, class AB power amplifier, designed around an innovative driver stage that guarantees the lowest possible distortion, while providing excellent dynamic and tonal performance. The on-board power amplifier delivers a total output power of 500 watts.

- D.E.Co (Dynamic EQ. Controller): sophisticated speaker protection circuit.
- Internal stereo electronic cross-over that may be bypassed for wide-band use.
- 127 dB max SPL.
- It is equipped with a 15" custom transducer - custom designed to Montarbo specifications - which incorporates innovative manufacturing technologies that result in greater power handling with lower moving coil temperature, thus guaranteeing large reliability margins.
- The cabinet is built with birch multiply and painted with black, heavy duty, antscratch paint; it is fitted with side handles and an adaptor for satellyte supporting pole SM4 (optional accessory). The front side is protected by a strong, powder coated, metal grille.

- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
- Concert halls
- Theatres
- Medium to large clubs

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