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Montarbo CA

It was back in the early fifties that Sergio Montanari began building his first sound amplification systems, at first called "Super MB"; in 1962 they were named "Montarbo".

In those days Montarbo’s success was due to a very special product: an innovative mixer called 454 that quickly brought fame to the company in Italy as well as worldwide.

It was a particular powered mixer featuring a revolutionary ergonomic principle.

As Montarbo continued to design new products, it maintained high quality standards amongst a wide range of amplified mixers. In 1965 the world first self-powered speaker enclosure was produced, and shortly after the first quadrophonic mixers along with bass amplifiers with separate head units.

In the early eighties Montarbo was amongst the first audio companies in the world to design software-assisted effect processors.

Today, Montarbo develops its technology through a two-path approach: first, products are tested within most demanding live-concert environment where operating conditions are much more severe than anything most of our users have to deal with; second, Montarbo designs and builds its own digital tools necessary for testing and analysing electro acoustic systems.

Tradition and innovation are the basis of Elettronica Montarbo’s philosophy. Within the years the Company has kept its original goal: reliability. Ensuring complete satisfaction to musicians, sound technicians as well as touring bands is fundamental because the stakes are too high to run any risks when the show is on.

This is the reason why our products are: easy to install and to use, with a genuine open architecture interface.

Montarbo is now proud to join a leading role in the Commercial Audio with the same philosophy which has guided the Company in these 50 years of “Made in Italy”: reliable, easy to install, designed to meet the needs of the community who will benefit.

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