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REBEL Portable Speaker

  • Brand: Five-O
  • Product Code: REBEL
  • Availability: In Stock

- 2-Way active multi-purpose combo
- 80W Max power output
- 8” LF speaker with 38mm VC
- 25mm compression driver with 1-inch exit
- 4-Channels mixer 
- 2 x Combo (XLR/TRS) 2 x TRS Return Main
- Outputs: Send Pre, Aux, Phones
- EQ controls: 3-Band EQ (Hi, Mid, Low) on each channel
- Effects: Reverb and Chorus foot switchable
- Built-in MP3 player with USB & SD card sockets, Master level and remote control with IR LED
- Bluetooth® technology
- On-board Lead acid battery (12V/17Ah) with almost 5h of durability
- Supplied with swiveling feet for unit’s slanting and leveling

REBEL is the coolest Multi-Purpose Combo system of the latest FIVEO’s brand developments. This new all-in-one battery powered solution goes far beyond any other system in its class. 

Through design, the REBEL delivers the power, performance and simplicity you need in a full-featured package. Designed to achieve the right balance between the connectivity, portability and capability of handling unique solutions while delivering a strikingly professional appearance. And when you're done, you can pack up and be back on the road again with the same ease and speed of the first time ever. Yet despite the simplicity and compact size, the REBEL cuts no corners in sounds quality or versatility, and in fact gives you some advanced features not normally found in other portable systems.
What more do you want?
Taking a lead from its younger brother (The DUEL), the brand-new Combo REBEL contains all you really need to get the party started: integrated amplifier, long-life battery, speaker, mixer, equalizer, digital effects processor, MP3/WMA player and Bluetooth® connectivity. 

With various input & output options and thanks to the embedded mixer that makes it an ideal choice for band rehearsals and performances, the REBEL is the perfect device to take with you for any private or public events.

The mixer provides high quality preamps that ensure you reach a crystal clear sound for your acoustic guitar while jamming and singing with your MP3s!
Vocalists or guitar players will appreciate the built-in effects on REBEL: twist your sound in two different ways with a customized reverb and chorus to entertain your audience. 
Mix, play, sing or jam avoiding the hassle of complicated installations, cables and lengthy setup for parties! With integrated wheels and easy lift handles, you can take the REBEL with you anywhere!

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