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RA18 Subwoofer

  • Brand: Montarbo
  • Product Code: RA18
  • Availability: In Stock

Element of the PalcoPLUS line-array system, designed to further increase the system's flexibility of use and tonal quality.
It is a vented 'arrayable bass cabinet' having the same frontal size of two RA16 loudspeakers and with integrated steel suspension fittings that are compatible with model B1 and B2 bumpers and with the RA16' fittings. The combination of RA18 and RA16 allows to project and install compact and efficient audio systems able to reproduce the complete audio spectrum even when you can't or don't want to use floor-standing subwoofers. Indeed RA18 allows to significantly increase the lower octave's sound pressure level generated by the suspended system, thus increasing the already it's large dynamic range, transforming the array in a great array.

RA18 is fitted with an 18" LF driver, purpose-built for this project, with neodymium magnet and a 4" voice coil, and it can boast an excursion of ±15,5 mm. Moreover RA18 allows to further increase the remarkable low frequency 'punch' of the RAB1815 cardioid woofer. RA18 (1700W@4ohm) is designed to be driven by one channel of the PLM6800 powered controller, and it is rated for over 130 dB continuous SPL in the 50÷100 Hz frequency range.
A single PLM6800 can drive four RA18 units.

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