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PalcoPlus is a modular and scalable solution for medium to large applications, designed to combine the directivity and compactness of a line array system, the highest fidelity, and outstanding SPL with exceptional flexibility and ease-of-use.

In recent years, sound systems for touring and for fixed installations have undergone a rapid evolution from large, heavy point-source clusters to ever-smaller linear arrays. Along with advances in technology permitting more compact systems to develop higher sound pressure levels and with better controlled directivity, the mastery of the principles of linear sources has revolutionized the industry. Due to the complexity of the physics involved not only in the design of enclosures destined for combination in line arrays, but also in their application in the field, their effective use has been limited mostly to applications requiring large numbers of enclosures and highly specialized personnel have also been necessary to produce effective results.

With PalcoPlus, Montarbo has addressed these issues by creating a system that is highly scalable and produces excellent results even utilizing a small number of enclosures. The design team has done extensive work to simplify application of the PalcoPlus by creating all the necessary processing parameters for a variety of configurations, from the largest to the smallest, and providing an intuitive software control for customizing further configurations.

Designed for use in arrays from four to sixteen elements, this highly flexible system offers an exceptional power to size ratio – an array

of only four elements weighs 80 kg including flying hardware, and can handle an impressive 4000 W of power.

With each element capable of generating 130 dB SPL, very small systems can be deployed for relatively large reinforcement applications.

The 120° dispersion of the PalcoPlus provides perfect coverage even from low-flown or ground-stacked arrays, using only one cluster per side. A purpose built sub-bass unit fills out the extreme low end of the system and, using an exclusive dual-transducer configuration,

offers cardioid polar characteristics from a single enclosure. What’s more, this unique sub has very reasonable dimensions and weighs less than many single woofer enclosures on the market.

PalcoPlus is a complete system with a dedicated loudspeaker management processor, the LM24, which can be used stand-alone or controlled by Montarbo’s proprietary, Windows®-compatible software RAConTM. A convenient USB interface permits the management of up to eight processors for network control of large systems from a single computer running RAConTM. The software suite of the system is completed

by a customized version of SDA’s EASE Focus, the industry-standard software for array composition, aiming and coverage simulation,

that is preprogrammed for use with the PalcoPlus.

The PalcoPlus system redefines convenience and user-friendliness with the addition of the PLM6800, a digital controller combined with a four-channel, class-D power amp, boasting software-controlled output routing. 

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